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A Chef That Supports Local Goods and Your Healthy Lifestyle

I am an innovative and private chef with more than 30 years of professional experience. I dedicate myself to supporting and sourcing from local farmers while catering for events and providing vacationers with home cooking.

Currently, I am committing to the local farming community and have contracts with local farmers, farm box companies, and community groups. It allows me to use only healthy ingredients for my recipes.
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Dedicated to Culinary Excellence and Health

I also graduated with a degree from the California Culinary Academy. As a father of two kids, I feed my family healthy and inexpensive food without reducing its quality.

With a background in meal planning for events and my kids, I am a well-versed chef in plant-based and restrictive diets. My goal is to bring a unique perspective when serving people focused on health and nutrition by cooking local healthy food.
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